Tents For Hiking Part – I

Our mission at CampandHikeStore is to be your source for camping and hiking gear when you plan outdoor events. From items like tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, hatchets, knives, hiking shoes, and backpacks, all the way down to the smaller things like lantern mantles, dining items, and sleeping pads, you’ll find what you need, for the outdoor trips you enjoy. So, when it’s time to pick up gear for your next trip in the mountains, in the woods, on the road, come to CampandHikeStore.com for your supplies.

Outdoor Portable Moisture-proof Pads Cushions & Sleeping Pad & Camping Mat

Ship from Hong Kong. High-density outdoor portable inflatable moisture-proof cushion. Extendedpad are meet a family’s needs. And then it is a perfect mat for camping, picnic, barbecue, and other garden and outdoor activities. Foldable extended cushion. Used as a single sleeping pad. Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry. Expand size: 69″”*21.6″”*0.3″”, large enough to let you and your family or friends enjoy the glamour of nature. A perfect mat for camping, picnic, barbecue, and other garden and outdoor activities.

6 Volt Solar Panel

– Wildgame innovations 6V mono-crystalline solar panel- Stainless-steel flex conduit shields all external wiring-Alligator style battery connectors with silicone rubber boots that allow for easy connections to most rechargeable batteries- Clear polycarbonate cover protects solar cells from damage in the field – not glass- For use with 6V batteries only – do not use with spring-top, lantern-style or alkaline batteries- .63W Power ratingWGISP6V1

Solar-powered Floral Lantern (pack of 1 EA)

Package: 1 EAWhen lit from within, the stained glass panels of this stylish lantern come alive with jewel-like colors, turning captured sunlight into a mesmerizing display. No candles or electricity required; solar-power cells in the lid recharge automatically when outdoors! Metal with glass panels and solar board. 6″” square x 11 3/4″” high.

Maxam® 6oz Stainless Steel Flask with Brown Genuine Leather Wrap

Maxam® stainless steel flasks provide sleek, sturdy containment and transportation for your spirit of choice. Features polished finish on top and bottom, and screw-down cap. Measures 3-5/8″ x 5-3/4″ x 7/8″. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.

  • Sleek, Pocket-Sized Design
  • Screw-Down Cap
  • Measures 3-3/4″ x 3-7/8″ x 1″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Maxam® 2oz Stainless Steel Flask with 2 Cigar Tubes in Remailer Box

This stainless steel flask serves as both a handsome storage for 2 cigars and a discreet flask resembling a third cigar tube. Features a polished finish. Measures 2-5/8″ x 8-1/4″ x 7/8″. Limited lifetime warranty. White box.

  • Polished Finish
  • Measures 2-5/8″ x 8-1/4″ x 7/8″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at camping gear, hatchet knive & hiking backpack


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