Hatchet Knive

Our mission at CampandHikeStore is to be your source for camping and hiking gear when you plan outdoor events. From items like tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, hatchets, knives, hiking shoes, and backpacks, all the way down to the smaller things like lantern mantles, dining items, and sleeping pads, you’ll find what you need, for the outdoor trips you enjoy. So, when it’s time to pick up gear for your next trip in the mountains, in the woods, on the road, come to CampandHikeStore.com for your supplies.

About Campandhikestore.com

Campandhikestore provides camping and hiking gear from the family camper to the experience person that loves to camp in the great outdoors. Campandhikestore provides hiking gear such as backpacks, boots, etc. for the person that enjoys hiking the trails. Camping supplies include tents, stoves, sleeping bags, knives, etc. to meet the need for the camper.

There are two initial reasons we started this web store. One was to provide for my family with an income so we could retire and enjoy our grandchildren. My normal job I have worked for a long time did not provide a retirement but the job I have now does provide this but I would have to work another 15 years to cash in on their retirement plan. The second reason was I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, and boating in the great outdoors. I do not get to camp that much anymore so I thought it would be good to help other people by providing a place they could get supplies at somewhat reasonable prices in today’s marketplace.

This web store is a mom and pop store that provides camping and hiking gear with the items having free or low cost shipping. This store will work hard to provide the best experience for the customer that we can. Our Moto is if you are not satisfied with the purchase return the item in original packaging for your money back or credit toward another purchase.

We placed some items on eBay for purchase while working to get the Web store built. This helped us get an understanding on selling items on the web. Our web store attains it products from a wholesaler that has been in business for many years providing products for sell to retailers.

Our contact information is our email addresses info@campandhikestore.com.

sales@campandhikestore.com or phone number 309-408-0287. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchase please call or email us from the information above.

Normal shipping from this store will be provided mostly by UPS from the Wholesaler warehouse in about 1-4 days depending on payment. Below is the return policy for this store:

Every product comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy after initial inspection with the quality, materials, or workmanship, please fill out an RMA request to have your order returned, only returnable up to 14 days from the order date. Please note that if the package is refused, undeliverable, or returned to the sender for any reason, the credit will be minus original shipping, return fees, and 15% restocking fee.

For more detaizs on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at camping gear, hatchet knive & hiking backpack


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